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Tibetan Terrier: Kyle,

Just wanted to give you an update regarding Dusty in Colorado.  We renamed him Bodhi (I had a Dusty Dog before) and he is a great fit into our little family.

We keep waiting for the other shoe to drop and him to chew it up.  He is an amazingly easy pup and worth every laugh.  The only fault we have is the wee beast can hold his bladder for ever!!!!  We never know when he has to go.  After the first few minutes of bucking he walks on the leash like a pro, absolutely LOVES water and we wish we could get a video of him playing in it.

He is teething and even with that is putting on weight!  3.6 lbs!  Way to go Bodhi!

Thank you again!

Hahn family in Colorado

BodhiTibetanTerrier BodhiTibetanPic4 BodhiTibetanPic2